OKC AREA COURSE FUND Page updated on 23 July 2019

Funds raised to date: $

GOAL: $ $

The OKC Area Course Fund is an account created by the Oklahoma City Area's organized clubs that is managed by the Oklahoma Disc Golf Foundation (OKDGF). This fund was established to provide the operating capital to purchase supplies, equipment or whatever may be needed to improve the courses in the Oklahoma City Area. The OKDGF is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity whose purpose is to support amateur and recreational disc golf across the state of Oklahoma. For more information about the foundation, visit www.okdgf.org.

Total Balance: $
Balance with Pledges: $

Working Project(s): New Targets for Dolese

Required Purchases:


Required Purchases:

Community Donation Box267
D-Mart Pro Shop350
Double Par Designs325
In Memory of Mark Overstake4850
Innova-Jason Schwake242
Iron Leaf DGC660
Malice N Chains DGC2733
Nate Sexton Shootout119
Spare Chains DGC234
We Suck @ DGC301
Deposits reflect the Foundation's 3% deduction.

The OKCDGA matched dollar for dollar the funds that were brought in by the original Basket Fund that Malice 'N' Chains, We Suck @ Disc Golf, Iron Leaf, the Jeremy Martin Memorial and Double Par Designs had donated. The OKCDGA's donation to the Basket Fund came from their donations from past events to the Oklahoma Disc Golf Foundation.
Innova: DisCatcher Pro 28 (18 targets, 27 sleeves)5757
Innova: Throw Pink Basket431
Discount Muffler: Welding of Throw Pink Basket20
Lowes: Concrete Supplies5
Mayfair Lock: Locks for Targets (24)470
Lowes: Concrete & Form Tube25
Home Depot: Concrete30

DMart Open Doubles270
Jeremy Martin Memorial200
Okcdga-Okie Doubles202

Pledge your support to the OKC Area Course Fund

Checks should be made payable to the Oklahoma Disc Golf Foundation with a memo of "OKC Area Course Fund".